Gordi Munro was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A graduate of Saint Francis Xavier University: B.A., B.Ed with a concentration in Music(voice), Sociology and English. He has been an active participant as an educator/performer, singer, songwriter, actor, vocal instructor, entrepreneur and musician: flute, guitar, percussion.

He has recorded two original indie projects that were distributed internationally: "Unity in Diversity" & "The Gift" - co-producer and writer on both projects. He is currently working on a new album: "Time is the Healer". "My music is a flavor of Blues, R&B, Rock, Reggae, Jazz, World Music, Folk, Country - It's all music to me. My goal is to sing and play every song with heart and soul!"

Gordi has also worked as an Educator/Administrator in the regular school system, stage manager for Reveen, The Next Generation. With over 40 yrs in education and music performance, Gordi is uniquely qualified in the services he offers.


Educator, Singer-songwriter, organizer of concert events & conferences

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