A Saskatoon born 5th generation Canadian, Andy Jones Grew up between two worlds: his parents love for country music and his desire to discover alternative indie sounds from a young age. His ability to arrange music to meet his unique lyrics landed him in the spotlight in North America and the UK, garnering critical acclaim from such outlets as NPR, CBC Radio and BBC Music.
Andy started his career early, crafting his first EP Country Collision (2010) when he was just out of trade school. Since then, he’s gone on to release two more albums, Move to The City (2015) and New Roots (2020). His second album brought together hard-hitting songs touching on the fall of rural communities. (“Coming Home”) and more personal narratives speaking to life and survival as a working musician. (“Touring Alone”). Move to The City won a Canadian Music Award, a Stingray Star Award and sent Andy on a 2 year touring journey from Ireland to Iowa, including stops at The Vancouver Folk Festival, Hillside Festival and London's Music in The Streets. For his third album, New Roots (May 2018, Golden Records), he took a decidedly different direction, choosing to lean into a wider array of sounds and styles, in order to convey a wider array of emotions and topics, most notably his prarie ancestry.


Making people feel the music and communicating his love of music through his performances. Andy also enjoys working and mentoring musicians who want to take the leap from music as a hobby to music as a career.

Experience and Qualifications

Primarily a self-taught songwriter Andy credits his parent’s insistence that he study piano as a child and supporting his switch to guitar at age 12. Andy believe a foundation in piano is the reason song writing and composition came to him and fueled his love for music. Andy still studies with a couple of mentors he has known for years who wish to remain anonymous. (you may find them performing with Andy on this virtual tour)


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I'm always available to book shows and can be reached for one to one or small group workshops Tuesday - Thursday from 11:00AM - 7:00PM

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