Andrew Carter’s career in the music and food industry has always been about evolution. His 23 year presence in Ottawa’s entertainment and food industry has enriched his experiences both as a DJ and food consultant. Credited with a diverse and long list of productions, remixes and collaborations, prestigious residencies and travels, have proven him to be one of the lasting veterans of Ottawa’s music and culinary landscape. Purveying his music and food industry expertise, he has travelled around the world hitting far off destinations like London, Buenos Aires, Italy, Philippines, Jamaica and the regular hot spots in Europe and the Americas.


Dine-at-home concierge service featuring Chefs, Cooks, Mixologists and DJs.
Co-founder Chefs Night At Home.

Experience and Qualifications

Leading Food Industry Consultant guiding Chefs, Cooks, Mixologists and DJs to maximize new business opportunities.

23 years as one of Ottawa Canada's premier DJs and food industry experts.


Available Online During These Hours

Monday - 1pm -3pm
Tuesday - 9pm - 11pm
Wednesday 1pm - 3pm
Thursday Live from Pure Patio , Ottawa - 7pm -10pm
Friday 9pm - 11pm

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